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Our latest Newsletter

Heritage Hearing Care Newsletter

At Heritage Hearing Care, we are very excited to bring back old fashioned values and services. Your care and satisfaction are our number one priority. We offer a full aray of services that will target all of your hearing needs.

Audiologist Johanna Zuehls can accurately diagnose hearing loss and fit hearing aids for patients without medical or surgical options for treatment.

We dispense a complete line of conventional, programmable and digital hearing aids for our patients, and provide complete service and repair. Many of our hearing instruments come with the Complete Hearing Care program, which includes a range of services with the devices:

* 60-day trial on all new hearing aids
* One year warranty First year loss and damage insurance
* Quarterly cleanings and adjustments
* Yearly audiometric screenings
* Yearly hearing instrument evaluation

In addition to dispensing hearing aids, we assist with recommendations regarding other devices to help patients better hear telephone and television conversation. We also custom fit water protection ear plugs for patients prone to infection, and sound protection plugs for musicians, hunters and others regularly exposed to damaging sound levels.Johanna Zuehls
Au.D. - Doctor of Audiology